Daily Gratitude – Day 694

Today I Am grateful for catching up on some sleep, catching a few extra winks this morning that I almost never allow for myself, and it felt good!

I Am also grateful for my first day of exercising in a new gym that opened up. In fact, it was my first day exercising in any gym – my exercise in the past has been all at home or just walking around the neighborhood! But I very much enjoy what they have to offer!

Finally I Am grateful for really coming to understand that all is well and good in my life, even when the outward appearances seem to indicate the opposite. And the conditions of that understanding did not arise until after I decided to believe it to be true.

Amazing how life works!


About Brian Jude

Brian Jude is a producer, director, screenwriter, actor, assistant director, script consultant of feature-length films, videos and television programs and commercials. He is currently producing the drama/biopic feature film, "The Miracle Man," based on the life of Morris E. Goodman. (See http://miraclemanfilm.com) In 2006, after a collaboration with the critically acclaimed power-acoustic Indie rock band Friday’s Child to produce the concert film Friday’s Child: Live at Luna Stage, Brian Jude teamed up with front man Tom Walker to create Digital Cafe Tour (DCT) - http://digitalcafetour.com - bringing live concert performances from the stage to the home via internet streaming, public and Video On-Demand television. Brian has produced and directed over 60 music and comedy concerts with DCT. In the wake of his interest in Morris Goodman and the topic of self-development, Brian Jude founded the Inspirational Internet Radio Network - http://iirnet.wordpress.com - where he hosts two shows of his own, Success Odyssey and Manifesting Mastermind. Note: Brian Jude is a graduate of Landmark Worldwide and participates in several programs within Landmark. The views expressed on this blog/website are Brian Jude's personal views and are not the views of Landmark.
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1 Response to Daily Gratitude – Day 694

  1. I am grateful that my tour group gave me free tickets to Les Mis last night and I was able to share them with some other guides. I brag I have made some new friends of guides on this tour.I am grateful that even though one of the leaders has been hostile to me, I haven’t let it get in the way. I am grateful many of the people on the tour told me I’m doing a good job,I am grateful to be able to share my knowledge with others. I am grateful I got to share China town and Little Italy with the group. I am grateful for another guide who told me where to take the group to get tips from the merchant. I am grateful That I am empathetic and generous to others.

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