Daily Gratitude – Day 1643

Today I Am grateful for an overall amazingly fun-filled day with the boys… and my brother- and sister-in-law, who came up from Florida for a surprise visit. Well, a surprise to the boys, that is!

I Am also grateful for the fact that the surprise went off without a hitch, buying into the idea that I was taking them out for breakfast and didn’t know exactly where we were going. (Which was true, to a degree.) Then seeing them get curious as to why we were at the airport, and then finally seeing the sheer joy in their faces when they saw their aunt and uncle outside of the car!

I Am grateful as well for my ability to work with David on his fear of heights as we made our way to the observation deck of the Empire State Building, and how he allowed the excitement of the experience to triumph over his fear.

I Am grateful further for being able to manage my funds this week to be able to afford the trip today, paying for what I chose to pay for and accepting my brother-in-law’s offers to pay for what he chose to pay for.

Finally I Am grateful for beginning another month-long prosperity program with Rev. Michelle, especially designed for ministers and practitioners, and for all the good I know I will be able to give and receive in the process.

I Am grateful for NOW, the only moment there is, metaphysically speaking, knowing everything I could possibly want is in existence NOW and is in my grasp NOW. In respect to this physical plane in which we use “clock time” to measure the Eternal Now, I Am looking forward to an amazing tomorrow, filled with love and joy, prosperity and abundance, creation and completion, new possibilities and new realities. I anticipate ending the day in complete satisfaction, knowing that only good comes to me, always. It is going to be the best day of my life, and I Am grateful for tomorrow today!

And So It Is.


About Brian Jude

Brian Jude is a producer, director, screenwriter, actor, assistant director, script consultant of feature-length films, videos and television programs and commercials. He is currently producing the drama/biopic feature film, "The Miracle Man," based on the life of Morris E. Goodman. (See http://miraclemanfilm.com) In 2006, after a collaboration with the critically acclaimed power-acoustic Indie rock band Friday’s Child to produce the concert film Friday’s Child: Live at Luna Stage, Brian Jude teamed up with front man Tom Walker to create Digital Cafe Tour (DCT) - http://digitalcafetour.com - bringing live concert performances from the stage to the home via internet streaming, public and Video On-Demand television. Brian has produced and directed over 60 music and comedy concerts with DCT. In the wake of his interest in Morris Goodman and the topic of self-development, Brian Jude founded the Inspirational Internet Radio Network - http://iirnet.wordpress.com - where he hosts two shows of his own, Success Odyssey and Manifesting Mastermind. Note: Brian Jude is a graduate of Landmark Worldwide and participates in several programs within Landmark. The views expressed on this blog/website are Brian Jude's personal views and are not the views of Landmark.
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