Daily Gratitude – Day 1731

Today I Am grateful for getting even more clarity on my current health concern – understanding it may not be what I thought, and that a simpler change of diet may help. If this is the case, then sadly it would mean giving up (or at least cutting down on) some actually very healthy foods… of which I probably consume too much. Namely spinach, peanut butter and tomatoes.

I Am also grateful for completing nearly everything I wanted to complete at work today – everything I could complete, at least, based on information I needed from others.

I Am grateful as well for some deep soul searching into measuring the balance of giving someone my attention and when to say I need to shift my focus elsewhere.

I Am grateful further for a great prayer partner session with my dear friend Bernalee – who helped remind me that the increased amount of fear, stress and overwhelm that I have been experiencing over the course of the past month is nothing more than my perception – my story – masking the truth that our challenges are what make us grow, that holding on to such emotions around conditions is counter-productive and that life always has a way of working out to our benefit in the end.

I Am also grateful for having pretty much the same conversation with April. Both of which certainly helped alleviate my spirits.

Finally I Am grateful for getting to see my boys tonight, seeing how brilliant David is doing with his homework – math and reading – and how well Jacob has been improving in his recent health concerns.

I Am grateful for NOW, the only moment there is, metaphysically speaking, knowing everything I could possibly want is in existence NOW and is in my grasp NOW. In respect to this physical plane in which we use “clock time” to measure the Eternal Now, I Am looking forward to an amazing tomorrow, filled with love and joy, prosperity and abundance, creation and completion, new possibilities and new realities. I anticipate ending the day in complete satisfaction, knowing that only good comes to me, always. It is going to be the best day of my life, and I Am grateful for tomorrow today!

And So It Is.


About Brian Jude

Brian Jude is a producer, director, screenwriter, actor, assistant director, script consultant of feature-length films, videos and television programs and commercials. He is currently producing the drama/biopic feature film, "The Miracle Man," based on the life of Morris E. Goodman. (See http://miraclemanfilm.com) In 2006, after a collaboration with the critically acclaimed power-acoustic Indie rock band Friday’s Child to produce the concert film Friday’s Child: Live at Luna Stage, Brian Jude teamed up with front man Tom Walker to create Digital Cafe Tour (DCT) - http://digitalcafetour.com - bringing live concert performances from the stage to the home via internet streaming, public and Video On-Demand television. Brian has produced and directed over 60 music and comedy concerts with DCT. In the wake of his interest in Morris Goodman and the topic of self-development, Brian Jude founded the Inspirational Internet Radio Network - http://iirnet.wordpress.com - where he hosts two shows of his own, Success Odyssey and Manifesting Mastermind. Note: Brian Jude is a graduate of Landmark Worldwide and participates in several programs within Landmark. The views expressed on this blog/website are Brian Jude's personal views and are not the views of Landmark.
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1 Response to Daily Gratitude – Day 1731

  1. I’m grateful for my job in Atlantic City today and for a chance to get of of NYC for a day
    I’m grateful for the tour I took yesterday of the Art deco buildings on the UWS.
    I’m grateful I go to the gym a lot and keep healthy
    I am grateful for my health
    I’m grateful for all the shows I get to see for free or very little money
    I’m grateful for the people who came to see my Harper Lee show and offered to help

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